The beaches in Sarti are really incomparable. Here you can find some of the best beaches in Greece, which are some of the top beaches in the world. Characterized by fine white sand, and crystal clear turquoise waters, any beach on the Sarti will be a magical experience. There is something here for everybody. If you want seclusion, the months of June and September bring few tourists, so most beaches are empty. Even in the busier months you can still find an isolated cove.

  •  Achlada Beach

  North of Sarti, at about 1,5 km there is a cluster of three beaches, 60, 100 and 350 meters respectively from south to north, which is called Achlada (=pear). Achlada is a bay protected by an artificial concrete pier for the boats to be driven ashore, especially those of the fishermen, but it also hides three very beautiful beaches which offer peace along with fine sand and blue waters.

  •  Platanitsi Beach 

Platanitsi is located about 5km north of Sarti, the entrance to the beach of Platanitsi is controlled. When you leave the main street of Sithonia, cross a planted area of about 50 meters to get to the camping entrance. From there, as soon as you get the relevant licence, head towards to the beach of 550 meters. It is about a wonderful, sandy beach, divided in the middle by a stream. The beautiful green and blue waters along with the view to Mount Athos just opposite will leave you speechless.

  • Orange Beach – Kavourotripes 

About 6km north of Sarti there is a cluster of small beaches in a coastline which is over 5km. This relief landscape of unparallel beauty looks like an open-air market of sculpture exhibition which in conjunction with the amazing turquoise waters and the view to Mount Athos compensates the visitor who has been afflicted through the bushes and the rocks in order to find these beaches. The lack of any form of organization gives the possibility and the pleasure to the free camper to set up their ‘nest’ among the rocks. To find these beaches you need to leave the main street of east Sithonia and cross a very difficult dirt road for about 350 meters up to the coastline.
There is a group of small beaches which continue from Orange beach to the south It can be a little difficult to reach these beaches through the bush. There is absolutely no development and many campers set up tents in the trees and on the rocks
These beaches are known as Kavourotripes (=crab-holes). There is not any road sign, so while you are on the main road of Sithonia pay attention to the sign ‘Beach Bar Portokali (ORANGE)’. Certainly there are also other exits, before and after, in order to find the Kavourotripes, but pay attention to the dirt roads which are very steep

Wonderful green and blue waters and also sculptures are carved on the rocks by several artists adorn these beaches The only organized beach is that of the ‘Beach Bar Portokali’ while the others are isolated and deserted. There is also a possibility to visit these beaches on foot through the coast but pay extreme attention to the bushes and the rocks because the passes are rough and sometimes dangerous. 
Kavourotripes, really a heavenly place on Chalkidiki!

  •  Armenistis Beach 

12 km north of Sarti there is Armenistis. There along with the beach there is also a campsite of 600 meters length with the same name. It is a beach with turquoise waters and fine sandThe entrance is controlled, with limited admittance of visiting the place. By the end of the indicated time you are asked either to leave the beach or pay for your extra stay there.  It has a Blue flag and this is one of most organized camp sites in Greece.